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Why Should I StockUp?

  • Companies and brands are growing because of your spending - Shouldn’t you be part of that growth?
  • 50% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, with one in three having $0 saved. Are you planning to work for the rest of your life?

What is StockUp?

Don't Get Left Behind...

  • The StockUp App streamlines your spending and investing into one transaction - simplifying the way you build your nest-egg!
  • Every time you buy something, you will automatically invest where you just spent your money!

With Stockup, Investing is this Simple!

Three Quick Steps to Get Started

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Let Us Do the Rest!

User Benefits

Avoid Double Layer of App + ETF Fees

Constantly Lower Your Costs

Differentiate From Crowded Investment Themes

Be the Owner of Your Brand Loyalty

Customize Your Social Impact Investing

Set Your Preferences and Continue With Your Life

Everyday Spending

No need to change old habits! We will help you take the stress out of your spending.

Everyday Investing

Turn your everyday purchases into long term investments.

Everyday Security

We are equipped with 256-bit-encryption security.